"Baptism is the foundational sacrament and the pre-requisite for all other sacraments. It unites us with Jesus Christ, incorporates us into His redemptive death on the Cross, thereby freeing us from the power of Original Sin and all personal sins, and causes us to rise with him to a life without end." - YOUCAT #194

COVID-19 Update:
As precautionary measures against the spread of COVID-19, communal/group infant baptism will follow the approved safety management plan. Briefing will be done online. Please contact the Parish Office during office hours  at +65 6466 0625 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 

Infant Baptism

This is usually conducted on the second Sunday of each month, with the exception of Easter, when the baptism will be held on Easter Sunday.

Briefing Baptism
3 October 2021 10 October 2021 (Postponed)
7 November 2021 (4pm) 14 November 2021 (Full)
5 December 2021 12 December 2021 (Full)
2 January 2022 9 January 2022 (Full)
6 February 2022 13 February 2022 (Full)

Parents who wish to have their child baptised must attend the infant baptism preparation briefing together with the child’s godparents. This session is usually held on the first Sunday of each month, with the exception of Easter, when it is held a week before the Easter Sunday baptism.

Both the infant baptism preparation session and the Rite of Baptism start at 2.30 pm (New timing).
Click here for more details on the infant baptism programme and for the infant baptism registration form (together with the procedures for registration).

Adult Baptism

For adult baptism please see RCIA ministry.