Who we are

DVC's very own charismatic youth band, was formed in 2010 to provide a platform for young musicians to serve in ministry as well as to fulfill the need for a relatable group of individuals leading in charismatic sessions. 

Seeking Surrender's debut was made at DVC's Youth Lenten Night 2010, and ever since then they have been involved in the leading and organising of worship sessions for DVC. Events such as the yearly iGod, iHeart, iBelieve camps and the St Ignatius' Feast Day Funfair provide opportunities for the band to grow in individual and communal spirituality. Through the years, it has expanded considerably in terms of members and repertoire.

In 2014, Seeking Surrender underwent a significant shift in focus, wherein serving the larger DVC community took a backseat while the spiritual and technical formation of the younger members became a priority. The older ones formed a core team, dedicated towards mentoring the next generation of worship leaders, while in the process journeying together towards knowing and loving Christ as His authentic disciples. 

The name Seeking Surrender was picked by bassist, Michael Kwan. He felt the whole point of being in a youth charismatic band was to lead self and others into praising and worshipping God freely and fully using the gifts that God had bestowed upon every individual in the band, in the capacity of either being a singer or instrumentalist. To do so it is vital to constantly work on one's personal relationship with Christ as His follower, from which the heart of worship can be developed. As worship leaders, it is essential to recognise the vices and emptiness of a sinful life, denounce it through the process of daily surrendering, an element of which is to acknowledge and respond to the infinite mercy that God has shown. Musician and worship chemistry is also built by discovering and revealing strengths and weaknesses to each other as a community hence undertaking a journey of self discovery together. All these aspects require great humility and vulnerability, to admit to the innate sinfulness, and a deep sense of gratitude as redeemed children of the living God. Ultimately, it's about the constant seeking of surrendering to His will in being, growing and serving.

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