A fun-loving group of individuals gathered together by God’s marvellous hand to be his instruments of love, the De Vita Christi Youth Community (DVC) was established in 2010 to gather the individual youth ministries of the Church of St. Ignatius to form a collective youth wing.

The community has grown and flourished in the six years that it has been a collective whole, where the focus on individual and communal growth has allowed the provision of a community that all the church’s youth can be part of whether or not they feel the direct call to service. This has also allowed the growth of a close-knitted family who welcomes new members with open hearts and arms.

Today, the DVC youth community has a strong presence in the Parish of the Church of St. Ignatius and is deeply involved in bringing life to the church throughout the liturgical year.

The community gets its name from the title of a book written by Ludolph of Saxony, that inspired St. Ignatius of Loyola to leave the military and dedicate his life to God. In English, “De Vita Christi” means “The Life of Christ” and captures the community’s deep desire to live out Christ-like, God-centred lives.

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