As we gather as one community in Christ, we are aware that terrorist threats are very much a reality in our world.
The Archdiocese has informed all parishes to be prepared for emergencies like fire, bomb threats and attacks, which typically occur at public spaces where large crowds congregate, even places of worship.
Together with the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Archdiocese has been working with parishes throughout Singapore on enhancing emergency and security measures.
Parish Emergency Response Squad will be responsible for first-response evacuation and aid in the event of crisis before the authorities arrive on the scene.
The Parish Emergency Response Team is seeking more volunteers to help in preventing and managing emergencies should they take place in the church.
These emergencies could range from providing simple medical assistance to those that may fall sick to helping and guiding our parishioners, especially the elderly and the young to safely evacuate from the church premises should there be a fire outbreak, security violations or other risks.

If you can help, please approach the help desk at the place of gathering and leave us your contact number or register online here.

Our volunteers will get in touch with you. We will also provide the necessary training for all our volunteers.
Thank you.