Please note that the Christian meditation sessions will be suspended until further notice in view of the current COVID-19.
Time & Location
: Fridays, 2.30 to 3.30 pm at St Francis Xavier Chapel (Kingsmead Hall)

Our Meditation Group began in 1994. We meet every Friday at St. Francis Xavier Chapel from 2.30 pm- 3.30 pm. We listen to a meditation talk from a CD, read the day's Gospel, share Gospel values, and then meditate for 20 minutes. The group comprises 22 members, of which 15 are regulars. We have members from other faiths, Methodist, Anglican and Buddhist. Everyone is encouraged to meditate twice a day, 20 minutes each time.
Christian meditation is a simple prayer of the heart. It requires discipline and perseverance. Through the years of daily practice of meditation, we realise this prayer form has led us to know ourselves better and to discern the reality of life.
We have been helping to spread Christian Meditation to children in catechism classes at other parishes. We have shared this form of prayer with the housebound in our neighbourhood and in aged homes and they have become more peaceful and joyful. We hope more parishioners will get to know this particular form of prayer by joining us.

Julia Quek
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