Please note, due to Covid-19 outbreak, D'fellwoship meeting is on hold until further notice.

D’Fellowship is a Ministry for senior parishioners who are cognitively challenged and have underlying memory issues. With the concern of rising cases of dementia in Singapore, the Ministry was set up in February 2017 to fulfil the parish goal of being an inclusive and dementia-friendly church community.
Volunteers are trained by Alzheimer ‘s Disease Association (ADA) of Singapore and guided by two practising geriatricians. Refresher courses are held periodically.

There are some two dozen volunteers and D’Fellowship conducts sessions twice a month. To cater to the physical and spiritual well-being of participants, structured physical exercises, relevant games, music and singing, art and crafts are held. Religious and spiritual elements are incorporated into every session. D’Fellowship works very closely with priests of the Parish who provide the spiritual guidance for volunteers, participants and accompanying caregivers .

For enquiries: Please contact the church office (64660625) or Margaret at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.