The Altar Servers Ministry is an active and vibrant community of Catholic boys in the Parish of St Ignatius. Our Altar Servers assist the Priests during all Masses and Liturgical events in our Parish. We constantly hold training sessions for our members to learn new skills and duties, and also carry out faith formation activities throughout the year. We welcome those who have received their First Holy Communion and are keen to serve God and our Parish community through their participation in the Liturgy.


Head Advisor: Vanessa Tok
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Prayer for Altar Servers 

To be Christ's page at the altar,
To serve Him freely there.
Where even the Angels falter,
Bowed low in reverent prayer.

To touch the throne most holy,
To hand the gifts for the feast,
To see Him meekly, lowly,
Descend at the word of the priest.

To hear man's poor petition,
To sound the silver bell,
When He in sweet submission,
Comes down with us to dwell.

No grander mission surely
Could Saints or men enjoy;
No heart should love more purely,
Than yours my altar boy.

God bless you, lad, forever,
And keep you in His care,
And Guard you that you never
Belie the robes you wear.

For white bespeaks untainted
A heart both tried and true;
And red tolls love the sainted
The holy martyrs knew.

Throughout life, then, endeavour
God's graces to employ;
And be in heart forever
A holy altar boy.

St John Berchmans, S.J. - Patron Saint of Altar Servers"

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