Parish Liturgy Committee

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Assistant Parish Priest
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Fr Colin Tan, S.J.
Fr Jerome Leon, S.J.
Fr Ravi Michael Louis, S.J.
Angeline Tok
Robert Ong
Vanessa Tok
Antony Lee
Ian de Vaz & Liana Teo
Joyce Ang
Angeline Tok 
Martin Koh
Matthew Raj 

The Parish Liturgy Committee meets regularly to plan and coordinate parish liturgical matters. The committee focuses on the full range of the parish’s liturgical life, establishing parish liturgy policy, evaluating liturgies and the formation of good liturgy and worship in the church.

Enhancing Worship

Liturgy is at the heart of all parish life and Christ is at the center. We are the body of Christ called to gather for worship, to cherish the traditions of our faith, to witness the Gospel, to minister to others and in the world.

Members of the parish Liturgy Committee, focus on the various aspects of good liturgy and its practical implementation. From their individual study and group exchange of information at meetings, they plan liturgical and spiritual events.