Children aged 3 to 10 years, during the Sunday 8.15 am & 10.15 am Mass, are taken to the La Storta room to experience God’s love through the proclamation of the Gospel. They rejoin the rest of the congregation during the presentation of gifts.

Due to the pandemic, all LOWC sessions have been suspended till further notice. Please continue to pray that we will eventually be able to hold these sessions soon.

Place and Time for Ministry Work

Place: Vestry (2nd floor) and La Storta Rm (attic floor)
Time: During the Sunday 8.15 am and 10.15am Mass.

Please contact the persons below if you wish to volunteer in this ministry.


Alison Pinto  9691 3447
Eleanor Gee  9879 2935
Theresa Lim 9389 0986
Eunice Wan 9748 3815          

The Proclaimer receives the Children's Lectionary and leads the children out to where the Sunday's Gospel is proclaimed to them in a manner where the children can understand the readings. The children bring up the Offertory Gifts and re-join the parents for the rest of the Sunday liturgy.