Leading Little Ones to God (LLOTG)

Leading Little Ones to God was initiated some 16 years ago by a few expatriate mothers in our parish as a fun Bible story-telling, craft and activity session for pre-school children. Over the years, it has evolved under the stewardship of several different volunteer teams and undergone many changes. However it remains grounded in the belief that young children enjoy a joyful relationship with God and that the pre-school child learns in a different way from his or her older sibling. Our main objective is thus 'echoing our faith' in a fun and joyful way for our young children in Kindergarten 1 and 2.
Lessons are drawn from appropriate Catholic faith formation programmes and incorporate interactive story-telling, action songs, games, role-play, and art & craft activities. These are seamlessly merged into a curriculum which celebrates important events and catechetical milestones in the liturgical calendar.

Place and Time for Ministry Work

The programme ministers to 5 and 6 year old children (in K1 and K2 in the current year).

Due to the pandemic, all sessions will be held on Zoom. More details will be sent via email.

2021 Registrations are open

To register, kindly click on the following links:

K1 (children born in 2016): https://bit.ly/3lDCFSp

K2 (children born in 2015): https://bit.ly/3myN5nX

Details about the start date of sessions will be posted here and in the Parish Telegram Channel.

Contact Information

Catechetical Coordinators:
Michelle Cheng
Keith Ong

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.