Payment via PAYNOW

 Pay to UEN : T08CC4052A 


 To allow us to trace each transaction, please indicate the following information on your online transactions:  CCD+Grade+Child’s Name (ex. CCDG2JohnSmith).

Please indicate the Grade & Name of your child to enable the Church Accountant to identify payment accordingly.


Payment Checks Guide


Step 1:

Write the date on the cheque.
The date format should be dd/mm/yy unlike mm/dd/yy in the United States. You may also write the full date. For example, "7 August, 2017."

Step 2:

Write “CHURCH OF ST IGNATIUS” next to “Pay”. This is the name of the payee (to whom the payment has to be made).

Step 3: Cross out ‘Bearer” (that is, draw a line across the word Bearer)
This is to ensure the money is banked into the Payee’s name as indicated.

Step 4:

Fill the amount of the cheque/check.
This should be done both in words and figures.
Write the correct exact amount (in numeric) in the box and the amount (in text) next to Singapore Dollars.

The payment for First Holy Communion is $120 and Confirmation is $300.

Step 5:

Cross the cheque
This is to help ensure that the cheque is paid to the payee's account (Church of St Ignatius) else the cheque amount can be cashed.
This can be done by drawing 2 lines across the top-left hand corner or by writing "Account Payee" on the cheque. This term may be pre-printed on cheques.

Step 6: Rectify any mistake (example wrong date, name or amount on your cheque).Do this by clearly crossing out the mistake and entering your full signature as close as you can to the change made.

Step 7: Sign the cheque properly at the bottom right corner.
A cheque cannot be passed unless signed. Ensure that your signature matches the signature given in your bank account.

Step 8:

Write clearly on the back of the cheque the following:
For Grades 1,3,4,5,6 & 7 write: CCD
-name of child
-contact number
For First Holy Communion write: CCD-FHC
For Confirmation: write CCD-Confirmation and
-name of child
-name of person who made out the cheque
-contact number