Our History
The Parish of St Ignatius is located in the West district of the Singapore Archdiocese. It consists of about 4200 people.
If you are new to our parish, please introduce yourself to one of the priests who will be happy to meet and welcome you.

Our Origin
In late 1957, the Archbishop requested the Jesuits to build and run a parish church in the West district of Singapore.
The area around Kingsmead Hall was then a kampong (village) dotted with huts, coconut trees and chickens. For ease of administration, the Jesuits decided that the church should be built on the present site, close to Kingsmead Hall.
Fr Tim Doody was sent from Hong Kong to raise the necessary funds. Fr Kevin O'Dwyer was the clerk-of-works and he was responsible for fitting out the church. When it was opened in February 1961, he was appointed temporary parish priest, a position he eventually held till September 1974.
The church has been self-supporting since its opening. When there was a need for a parish hall and catechetical centre, parishioners were able to raise enough funds to build these facilities which were completed in July 1973 on the site of an old football field used by the students lodging at Kingsmead Hall.
The new parish hall extension, which houses the Sacred Heart Hall was opened for classes, meetings and the Sunday canteen in 1990. In that same year, the sanctuary in the church was re-constructed.
The parish of St Ignatius is a territorial one, roughly oval in shape, about 6.5 km long and 3 km wide.
The church started in 1961 with two Sunday masses weekly. Today it serves about 4200 Catholics attending seven weekend masses every week with the expatriate and Filipino communities increasing significantly in recent years.

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St Ignatius' statue and relic.