My dear friends and parishioners,

Happy Feast day of St Ignatius!

As you know, our actual feast day is on the 31 July, but we have chosen to celebrate this feast day this Sunday. It is unfortunate that we couldn’t have all of you present for our Mass as we had to abide by the changes during this pandemic.

This Feast Day marks the start of an extra special year for us because we are celebrating our 60th year as a Jesuit church in Singapore. So the first good news to announce to you is that we have received a papal indulgence for our Jubilee Year from the Holy Father. Allow me to share what our Jubilee celebration should mean for us.

Our Jubilee Committee was guided by the biblical meaning of “Jubilee” in Leviticus 25, which tells us that it is a time of renewal and sharing God’s resources with the poor. It is also important for us today to see this Jubilee year as a time of mercy – a time of forgiveness, and a time to remember our covenantal relationship with God who loves us. For this Jubilee, we will also include the mission of the Jesuits worldwide in the Universal Apostolic Preferences (or UAPs) declared by Father General, Fr Arturo Sosa last year. There are 4 of them, but for this Jubilee, we ‘ve focused only on 2 of them, namely “Walking with the Poor and Excluded” and “Using Ignatian Spirituality and the Ignatian Exercise to show the way to God.”

With this in mind, we had planned our celebrations accordingly for the Jubilee year ending 31 July 2021, and here is a preview of some of the programmes and events we have lined up for you. So stay tuned for more details to be released soon. And I hope that each of you will participate in at least one or more of the events and activities, and continue to support us with your prayers for the success of the Jubilee celebration.

I am sure that with God’s help, we will be able to emerge from these difficult times to be stronger, more faith-filled and spirit-filled parish of St Ignatius. And may St Ignatius pray for us! And intercede for us. And I wish you a very happy Feast Day and God Bless All of You!


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
For the Greater Glory of God


Fr Colin Tan, SJ 



The 60th Anniversary logo is a contemporary representation of our Church’s building façade. The multi-colour parallel lines appear to converge as they approach the Cross. The colourful lines refer to the community from all walks of life on the ‘Camino’ paths which ultimately lead to God.


Our Jubilee Events

60-hour Prayerthon
Jubilee Door of Grace
Fundraising project for the Poor
Sales of T-shirts and memorabilia
Virtual heritage Gallery
Memory Wall
Jubilee Mass (12/2/2021)
Jubilee Finale Mass (31/7/21)
Musical Finale

Click here to join a virtual celebration marking the launch of our Church of St Ignatius 60th Anniversary.