As part of our spiritual preparation to celebrate our feast day, we want to invite all of you to deepen your faith journey.

Come and be a part of our Day of Recollection!

The themes for each day of our Recollection are:

Day One, Wednesday. (25th July 2018) : "My Human DNA: "God's Master Code In Creation"
Presenter: Fr Matthew Tan SJ

Day Two. Thursday (26th July 2018): "My Spiritual Battle : God's Friend or Foe?"
Presenter: Fr Jerome Leon SJ

Day Three. Friday. (27th July 2018): "My Life's Mission: "God's Promises and Presence"
Presenter: Fr Colin Tan SJ

Time: 7.45 pm - 9.30 pm.

No registration required.

Each session will end with a benediction.

Come and join us. Bring your friends and family as well.