A Triduum in preparation for Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola
Triduum Theme: Encountering Christ Daily

Date & Time

Topic Speakers

26 July (Wednesday)
8pm Mass

Day 1: Proclaiming The Good News To All Creation
Are we a welcoming community? To the newly baptised? Youth? How do we instil a spirit of service? How do we nurture a loving environment, to grow and experience on-going conversion? How are we friendly and sustaining to the environment?
Fr Jude David
Archdiocesan Youth Chaplain OYP (Office for Young People)

27 July (Thursday)
8pm Mass

Day 2: Love Your Neighbour As Yourself
Can we do this? How do we respond to those who have hurt us? What if we face a terrorist today? What is our response? Along the journey as pilgrims, how do we seek reconciliation with God, each other and all creation? How do we foster peace and harmony?
Fr Gregory Tan SJ
Spiritual Director
(Kingsmead Centre)

28 July (Friday)
8pm Mass

Day 3: Come Back To Me
In line with the Pope’s July intentions for lapsed Catholics. What about our family members and friends who are have become disillusioned? What can we do to bring them back to the Church and to Jesus?

Fr Valerian Cheong
Chairman (Diocesan Vocation Director)
Vice-Rector/Head of Academics/Initiation Year Director
29 July (Saturday)
6pm Mass

30 July (Sunday)
All Masses

You are encouraged to come for all 3 days of the Triduum and the Solemnity to pray, reflect and celebrate with your parish. Confessions 20 mins before all masses.

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Recommended films to watch and talk to listen this July:

Saint Philip Neri: I Prefer Heaven

An epic feature film on the famous “Apostle of Rome” and great friend of youth in the 16th century. One of the most popular saints of all time, St. Philip Neri was widely known for his great charity, deep prayer life, and tremendous humor. Hoping to join St. Ignatius of Loyola’s new order of Jesuits and be a missionary to India, Philip was instead guided by Providence to seek out the poor and abandoned youth of Rome to catechize them in the faith and help them find a better life. He became the founder of the religious congregation, the Oratory, that worked with the youth and also labored to re-evangelize a decadent Rome.
This captivating film highlights Neri’s great love for youth, his warm sense of humor, contagious joy, deep mystical spirituality, and his amazing gift for miracles. Actor Gigi Proietti gives a moving performance as St. Philip in this beautifully produced film that is directed by Giacomo Campiotti, director of the acclaimed films Bakhita: From Slave to Saint and St. Giuseppe Moscatti.
Length: 205 minutes

Francis Xavier and the Samurai’s Lost Treasure
Young Francis Xavier had everything going for him. A champion at sports and studies, he was ready to win the whole world for himself. Then one day his best friend, Ignatius of Loyola, showed him that true champions are of far more heroic breed – those who risk all to win the world for God.
Francis became a Jesuit missionary and set off to the farthest reaches of the world. He saved pearl divers, stood off pirates, and quested with a mysterious samurai warrior in search for a hidden treasure.
Francis Xavier and the Samurai’s Lost Treasure captures the true spirit of a daring man who braved the pearl coasts and jungles of India, and the forbidding castles of Japan, in amazing adventures of courage and faith.

The Four Levels of Happiness
SPEAKER: Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ
Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ, a highly a renowned philosopher and the founder of the Magis Center, provides a truly enlightening and practical discussion on how to achieve deep and enduring happiness. Referencing the wisdom of the ages, including that of Aristotle and Plato, this talk provides the keys to achieving the universal desire for happiness given to every person by God himself.
Length: 58 minutes