May is the month of Mary.
For the month of May, boards will be placed at the Place of Gathering for children of all ages, to place their pledges to love and honour Mary by praying for their own mothers with spiritual bouquets, rosaries, acts of kindness and thanks. We encourage all to make their pledges of Prayers and Sacrifices.

Rosary Morning Group
Place: At our Lady’s shrine in Church, every morning,
Time: Monday to Saturday, 7.35 am to 8.15 am (after 7.00 am Mass)
Contact: Julia Quek - 6468 4390

Rosary Evening Group
Place: Gathers at Church every evening of the week
Time: Mondays to Fridays, starting the rosary at 5.25 pm before 6.00pm Mass
Contact: Coordinator : Rita 6476 1744, Cecelia 6476 7413 and Sabina

Inspirational Resources for Faith Formation in May from

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