Communion with the dead
"In full consciousness of this communion of the whole Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, the Church in its pilgrim members, from the very earliest days of the Christian religion, has honoured with great respect the memory of the dead; and 'because it is a holy and a wholesome thought to pray for the dead that they may be loosed from their sins' she offers her suffrages for them” (Lumen Gentium 50). Our prayer for them is capable not only of helping them, but also of making their intercession for us effective (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 958).

Traditionally, the month of November where prayers are offered for our departed loves ones who have joined the communion of saints and angels.

  1. Please feel free to write down, on the slips of paper provided, the names of those you wish to remember this month. And drop the slips into the box. The names will be brought up together with the gifts at the Masses for All Souls’ Day, and at every weekend Mass this month.
  2. Below is the picture of the statue of Christ of the Abyss in our parish columbarium. The original bronze statue is submerged somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.